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Bring us your plans and ideas. 
We will design, build, and deliver a strong, light,
well-made, roof truss system...


Custom Computer Design Work
using the Newest Design Software.

Automated Fabrication with accurate computer driven jig table.

Large Truss Capability -- as much as 64' long and 14' tall in one piece.


At High Mountain Truss
We are Dedicated to Providing the
Finest Roof Truss Service Anywhere

Versatility - Wood trusses provide overall design flexibility by eliminating intermediate interior supports.  The open web design allows electrical and plumbing runs, along with mechanical ducts to be installed inside the trusses, reducing ceiling drops.  Non-structural end details, such as mansards and soffits, may be built into the trusses reducing costly field construction.

Reliability - State of the art computer design methods provide a reliable and predictable product.  Each truss has been engineered for a specific loading, application, and deflection limitation.  Every design is reviewed and sealed by a licensed, professional engineer, familiar with the latest codes and design requirements.

Cost Effectiveness - Field installation time is decreased, and waste is eliminated by wood trusses being fabricated for a specific project.  Wood chords provide easy attachment of plywood and sheathing for roofs and sub-floors.

Open web design allows for reduced labor associated with mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades.  Interior footings may be eliminated in areas due to the span capabilities of trusses.


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